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Our Mission and what we're all about

Our mission and primary goal is simple:  To provide help for people just like you who have questions and problems with computers.  Since the early days back in the 80's computers are becoming more like household appliances with one exception - they are complex and sometimes difficult to understand. 

Even the best computers of today come with limited help and support.  Most manufacturers like  Dell, Acer, Gateway, HP all have websites that offer support and help but it is limited to their products and operating systems.  The beauty of  today's PC's it that you are able to visit the retail store of your choice and buy upgrades, and software that are 99% of the time compatible with whatever computer you have thanks to ongoing standardization in Both the PC and the Apple computers. 

We are just now beginnng to see new types of laptops, tablets and smart phones that run a mobile operating system such as Android or Apple's IOS that's found on all their iphones and ipads. 

Anytime Computer Works has been in business for over 15 years and it's founder is a master technician with 30+ years in the information systems industry.  We are your independant help source no matter what kind of computer you own, no matter if it's in your home or on a network at your business.

We are experts in comprehending the details of problems the systems affected and quickly offering a solution or direction towards resolving the problem.  While we do have preferences and recommend brands we have experience with, we can work on just about any brand, make or model even custom built computers that consist of parts from many manufacturers.  We will always give practical and no-nonsense advise without a sales pitch to buy our products. 
This is how we stay independant.

So go ahead, ask us your questions - we're always ready to give answers you can understand and immediately use.

We are your common sense advisors that will save you time, money and unnecessary trips to repair facilities.  Since we're not affiliated with any manufactures or software producers we can offer unbiased analysis of problems in real time.  And don't worry if you're not a "techie" or have no knowledge of computers - we'll take the time to show you and explain things in a way you can understand so you can make informed decisions.

We obviously can't promise to fix everything but the advise we give will be truthfull and on target  If necessary, we can even dispatch a technician to come out much faster and cheaper than most.  All of our service technicians are hired after a background check, tested for ability and we train all our staff to be competetant and offer our higher standard of customer service at affordable rates you can live with. 

We also offer remote service that is much less costly and correct problems as long as your computer is able to access the internet. Typically we can remove viruses, perform software installations and correct error message that drive you crazy.  

Consult our services page for a list of services and rates or contact us directly
at:  702-493-4237 or email us at tekworker@gmail.com anytime for FREE advice.

Thanks for visiting today.

Anytime Computer Works